Umbilical Cord Seal

The umbilical cord is the first connection between mother and child. We can seal the drop off cord in the Crystal Seal, then engraved with the child’s name and parents wishes at the seal, to be kept forever. In our ancestor’s view, they need to safe guard the umbilical cord by warping it in a red silk cloth. The purpose is to maintain the innate Aura, which is perceived as the children’s amulets – to fight against evil spirits, and double up as a lucky charm. The umbilical cord is the one and the only special connection that links the mother and the child. Therefore, it is a valuable collection.

In ancient China, umbilical cord -“Qi Dai”, is the symbol of enrichment or treasure. One of the ancient poets wrote – Umbilical Cord connects the mum and the child, it is the linkage for future generations. Keeping the cord keeps your generations alive.